Cancellations Due to Order Processing Difficulties: 

Under certain circumstances, orders or specific items from an order, are cancelled by our system for various reasons.

If your order or items ordered are cancelled, please expect an email from us, which will include a detailed explanation. We will not bill you for any cancelled items. If you would like additional details about why an order or specific items may have been cancelled, please call us directly at Tel: 1.301.987.8203

Changing or Canceling Your Order

After you have finalized a product transaction your order begins to process and we are unable to make any modifications to your order instantly. However, if you contact us with 24 hours of the transaction, we can modify your purchase.


All of our products are 100% handmade and loaded with natural  and beneficial ingredients. We pride ourselves in using no machines, assembly lines or mass production! This is REAL craftsmanship

Tel: 240-406-6606

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