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That's how it all began- one itty bitty bar of soap. We made these little bars of soap with natural raw ingredients and handed them out to family and friends. They loved it! Next was lip balm, because its hard to find a really good lip balm that is actually healthy for your lips, all natural and soft, and not waxy, sticky or oily. This has now become a must-have for many Figs And Honey customers.

Months later we began developing lotion and  skin renewal cream. Bath salt, sugar scrub and bath bombs quickly followed and were added to our product line up. We tried dozens of different scent combinations and have narrowed our line down to our best and customer favorites. 

A few years later and enriched in experience, we are pleased to offer you top quality bath and body products comparable to expensive retail at a fraction of the price. And here's the exciting news: our products are more natural than what you may find at pricey chain stores. This means, we load our products with natural ingredients that are beneficial for hair and skin and use just enough stabilizers and  preservatives to maintain product integrity and quality. We also make in small batches and, in many cases, at the time of order, so everything you order is extremely fresh.  


We are personally health conscious and do our very best to make our products as natural grade as possible​. If we weren't offering them for sale, we'd continue developing and enjoying them ourselves!  We do not use commercial lye (our lye is made from coconut fatty acid). We do use natural botanicals, oils and butters including aloe, coconut, olive, argan, jojoba, almond, grape seed, cocoa butter and unrefined shea butter. Many of our products contain high grade essential oils that also help boost your immune system.

All of our products are 100% handmade and loaded with natural  and beneficial ingredients. We pride ourselves in using no machines, assembly lines or mass production! This is REAL craftsmanship

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